VAMA in Sanskrit means Beautiful Women.


VAMA ‘s Bridal Couture offers an exclusive collection of Bridal outfits for your special occasion. We start with a Bridal consultation at our Boutique, where we learn from you all about that look you have been dreaming of. At this point, some brides have already worked out every detail of their Bridal Ensemble, while some have a certain look ( or two ) in mind, and are trying to complete the design. Based on a Bride's preference, we work through various aspects of their ensemble like style, color, fabric and fit to achieve that perfect dress. For your special occasion, we truly strive to dress you up as you have always wanted to.
We offer a number of bridal packages, each package is offered at a fixed price, and consists of a certain number of ( 3 to 5 ) outfits for the following events.
Mehendi ( Henna ) - The Mehendi ceremony is a special event for Indian brides. It is an extended family affair where all ladies come together, and apply henna amid friendly chatter & jostling. Brides usually pick an Anarkali or Lehenga, popular colors for this event are green, orange & pink.
Sangeet ( Cocktail ) - The most informal fun event in an Indian wedding is Sangeet, where extended families from both sides along with the Bride and Groom sing , dance & perform to melodious Bollywood & Western tunes. A Bride’s preference is usually a vibrant colorful Lehenga with lots of flair.
Wedding ( Pheras ) - A formal religious ceremony conducted by priests & ministers. Traditional Lehengas in red, orange, pink and their various shades, along with heavy work on a rich fabric are popular choices.

Reception - Usually a modern affair, right after the wedding, Bride and Groom greet everyone and receive blessings from the elders. Brides often choose a trendy and contemporary attire for this event.


Please inquire about our Bridal packages when you visit us. We design custom Bridesmaids outfits as well and have special Bridesmaids packages too.


Often times, Brides come to shop along with their family members and/or close friends, where they all need to be fashion, color & style co-ordinated. We work with you, to put together a Bridal Family package, customized to your specific needs.


We invite you to come visit us and check out our Lehengas, Anarkalis, Sarees  (with designer style stitched Blouses), Lehenga Sarees, Lachas & Shararas.